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boydens engineering is dedicated to delivering the most advanced solutions in the various technical engineering disciplines, thus providing the best solutions tailored to our clients specific needs. We focus on strengthening our position through scientific research, conducting extensive studies and applying state-of-the-art technology. We strive deliberately and with great responsibility for sustainable and low energy building solutions that minimize negative impacts on the environment


We pursue a unique approach to attain the best possible results for our clients.  This is achieved by working with a multidisciplinary team focused upon the following:

• meeting our clients objectives
• designing sustainable and energy efficient buildings
• respecting budgets
• appreciating and maintaining the integrity of the architectural design concept
• involvement and cooperation in scientific research & development

  • client oriented multidisciplinary team
    client oriented multidisciplinary team

    We strongly encourage open and efficient communication during the early design phase. A cohesive group is formed bringing the skills of each discipline to the table, where mutual trust, active listening and exchange of ideas may begin. The team is the key to meet the clients' needs, expectations and goals. Which become the principle focus throughout the projects building phases.

  • sustainable and energy efficient building
    sustainable and energy efficient building

    We strive daily for the development of sustainable construction techniques according to the guidelines established at the world conferences of Rio and Kyoto.
    We seek to apply global solutions to meet or raise the appropriate environmental standards. We consciously choose to achieve sustainable building with low energy consumption.

  • respecting budgets
    respecting budgets

    Fair budget analysis and detailed designs, complete with full construction plans and specification manuals provide clear agreements on price and quality, ensuring viable construction.

  • architecture

    The design team strives toward reconciliation of technolgy and aesthetics for a successful integration producing high quality architecture.

    "A great building must begin with the unmeasurable, must go through measurable means when it is being designed and in the end must be unmeasurable." (Louis Kahn)

  • research & development
    reseach & development

    Involvement and cooperation in scientific research is of utmost importance in determining the best energy efficient solutions for buildings. Research participation must aim for realistic, reusable and financially viable technologies. Together with various universities and agencies we are involved in national and international research programs, supporting the company’s priority of integrating new research and innovations with the necessary essential follow up for our projects. Once these innovations are implemented we continue to collect performance data. We participate in scientific research when it is in line with our vision and mission, both in content and concept.

    Examples of research projects in which we have or currently are participating in: thermography as the indicator for the building envelope, Tetraproject daylight, Thermax, GEOTABS, SMART GEOTHERM and the innovation project almhouse “De Schipjes”

    Since 1999, Wim Boydens has been a visiting professor at the University of Ghent at the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture. He is often asked to lecture for various international universities, organizations and governmental agencies.

    Annually we provide a scholarship to the top graduating engineering student of VIVES college, Ostend Campus