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05/09/2019 Thanks to the Belgian Red Cross-Flanders everybody was able to enjoy a vacation this summer

Thanks to the Belgian Red Cross-Flanders, people who find it difficult to go on holiday due to illness, old age, a physical or mental disability or social circumstances were this summer able to enjoy a vacation and find some rest in the brand new holiday resort in the West Flemish polders.
Polderwind domain in Zuienkerke is located next to a large pond in a rugged natural landscape that can be enjoyed from every angle in the entire building because of its circular shape.
The guests can enjoy a drink from the cafeteria or make use of the wellness and fitness facilities or retreat and enjoy the green and peacfull inner circle/patio.

While the ground floor is all about being together and meeting, the top floor offers more privacy and tranquility. The 46 guest rooms are located on the outside of the torus and each enjoy a unique view of the landscape. On the inside are the corridor and a collective terrace that overlooks the patio. In the more protected relaxation areas, guests can be alone, but still watch the collective happening.

Sanitary installations for the central sanitary cells are equipped with automatic urinal flushing, self-closing faucets and a rainwater recuperation system; reducing the need for costly city water. A pressure booster system on city water and fire extinguishing water ensures that sufficient pressure and flow is available on the higher floor.
The hotel ensures integral accessibility for all holiday makers by actively integrating and stimulating self-sufficiency by providing adapted bar furniture, and automatic door openings at the most important passages for example.

The building is equipped with 2 elevators, including a lift that can accommodate a hotel bed, to allow vertical transport across the 2 levels.
Finally, a building management system allows the facility manager to oversee and control the entire installation from the Red Cross headquarters located in Mechelen.