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07/03/2019 Dirk Boydens in jury for Jo Crepain Prize

Dirk Boydens was invited to participate in the jury of the Jo Crepain Prize 2019. The jury has chosen 3 laureates in each category (see below) and will now enter into a dialogue with those laureates to eventually choose a winner.

The Jo Crepain Prize is an initiative of NAV (Netwerk Architecten Vlaanderen –Network Architects of Flanders), whose objective is to encourage architects to be leaders in architecture, well run businesses and social engagements.
On June 6, 2019 we will find out who will win one of the biennial Awards this time. This year, NAV Prizes reaches four categories: Promising Start-up Architectural Office, Innovative Architectural Office with fewer than 10 employees / with 10 employees or more and a Career Award.