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Bronze medal for the Turnova reconversion project

When there is major plant closure or when a whole industrial process moves location, this can plunge a city into a deep slump. However, this situation equally offers opportunities for new and interesting developments. This is the case for the Turnova project in Turnhout, which is currently being realized on a 3.5 hectare site of a former printing plant. The project was recently awarded a bronze medal in the category of urban planning in the 2nd edition of the national ‘Publica Award’

Boydens Engineering is proud to be a part of this project to offer MEPF services and energy consulting to help achieve the goal of creating a lively new district near the Grote Markt in the heart of Turnhout in a highly energy efficient manner.  In addition to approximately 250 residential units and 40 shops, the site will also accommodate the city’s arts & music academy and a 4-star hotel. 

The underground level will house a car park and the ATES (Aquifer thermal energy storage) system. This system stores and recovers thermal energy by extracting and injecting groundwater from aquifers using groundwater wells. 
The ATES system will provide cooling in an energy efficient manner (12°C ) and distributed throughout the entire site without impacting the environment. Other environmental issues addressed was the incorporation of green roofs, rain water harvesting, infiltration and buffer facilities and the use of LED lights in public areas.

For more info on the project click here.