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Library in Middelkerke Studiebureau Boydens


The building was designed from a broad vision of the library world. The top floor has a modern structured network for multimedia applications, internet workstations, place for disc & video library, while the ground-floor serves as the more traditional library.  In addition, a small multipurpose space serving primarily as a children's playground is also added.
The lighting is designed with the playful dialogue of the solar gains within the building. The indirect lighting (in the low headroom more virtual height is created) and the use of downlights for higher ground volumes play optimally on the design created by architect.
In view of the total flexibility of layout and use of space we opted for a combination of heating and air conditioning. The air group was also equipped with evaporative cooling with energy recovery.  The increasingly important issues of the overall design were to integrate the technical installations within the architecture while paying attention to the rational use of energy and environmentally friendly techniques.

Library Middelkerke

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Design start date : 24/09/1996
Completion date : 21/10/1999


Dexia Bank / The Municipality of Middelkerke


Morel L., Arch.