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Theatre for the City of Bree, BE Studiebureau Boydens


The City of Bree is developing one of their districts to include new housing, bicycle and walking routes, a park area in combination with a theatre and theatre café, making the neighbourhood a huge asset to refresh the city center.

The new theater will be partly integrated into the former TISM buildings. The historic building will be upgraded and will serve as a spacious foyer. Adjacent will be the modern theater, focused on contemporary performing arts, equipped with excellent technical facilities, 350 comfortable seats, balconies, larger stage, stage tower, dressing rooms, offices, technical rooms, workspaces and theatre café.  The new theater will accommodate larger performances and provide a cozy atmosphere to enjoy between performances.

The theater will be passively cooled, utilizing fresh outdoor air. Dynamic simulation programs have determined that cooler exterior air, during the typical theater season, will be sufficient to chill the interior. The resourceful manner in which the air is distributed throughout the building ensures the audience will not endure any unfavorable drafts.

The industrial looking lobby space will be cooled and heated by means of an ‘all-air’ system. This system has the advantage of a quick reaction time for cooling and heating, necessary for the typical sudden changes in theaters occupancy levels.  Another benefit is preserving the existing industrial floor in tact, and the absence of unsightly elements such as radiators.

Both the general lighting and the specific theater lighting fixtures are 100% LED. This measure results in an 85% decrease in required electrical power.


general data

total cost price: € 3.400 000,00

total area: 1.570 m²

Study start date:: January 2016

completion date: September 2016

nature of work: Construction: study and following up MEP / EPBD reporting

cost techniques: € 976.772,66 excl. VAT (estimation)


K Level: 25
E Level: -
Certification: -


AGB Bree, Witte Torenwal 23 bus 1, 3960 Bree, BE


TenBrasWestinga, ‘t Zand 17 , 3800 AM Amersfoort, NL
Trans architectuur Ι stedenbouw cvba, Beverhoutplein 7, 9000 Ghent, BE