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Youth Center in Destelbergen Studiebureau Boydens


The youth center in Destelbergen provides a multi-purpose hall (200m²), a gymnasium and a cafeteria for  football matches.
The youth house including a roof terrace and the youth service office is located on the first floor. The building serves as a meeting place for youth and socio-cultural associations. The multipurpose rooms, cafeteria and gymnasium are also  available for the club.
A gas condensing boiler provides the heating for the building. Radiators and convectors provide static heat but  heat is also provided via air ventilation supplied to the premises  
Sustainability is vital for the municipality of consequently a ventilation system with heat recovery was opted for  in addition to the extensive insulation of the building. The heat from the extracted impure air is transferred to the fresh supplied air. Furthermore, the rainwater is harvested and reused to flush toilets and the sanitary system is equipped with water-saving faucets.
The lighting fixtures are equipped with energy-saving bulbs and electronic ballasts for long life and reduced energy consumption.

Youth Center in Destelbergen

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Study start date : August 2005
Completion date : February 2008


Town of Destelbergen


Koen Dekeyser Architectuur