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Campus Heiveld, St-Amandsberg, BE Studiebureau Boydens


A further expansion to the existing school was necessary and achieved by adding an additional building for classes and a building for washroom facilities to accommodate more students. The school building consists of regular classrooms, chemistry & physics lab classes, computer classes, office space for the director, meeting room, kitchenette and administrative offices. Modern technology is used and integrated for the entire building. Two boilers are installed in the school and are responsible for the generation of heat, whereby heating is further distributed to the radiators in the classes and various spaces.  The washroom facility area utilizes floor heating. ventilation system type D is installed whereby the air handling unit has a heat wheel attached for the purpose of cooling the building by purging indoor air, and refreshing with cooler outdoor air during the night time hours. All new energy power supplies (gas, water and electricity) of the buildings, were connected to the existing utility connections of the primary building. The chemistry labs are equipped with an additional extractor in the fume hoods. A completely new low-voltage installation (fire, access, burglary and video intercom system) has been installed in the school, which is linked to the installations of the primary existing building. To avoid overheating during the warmer months, fixed solar shading was installed.


general data

total cost price: +/- € 2.632.000,00 hors TVA

total area: 1.920 m²

Study start date:: October 2013

completion date: September 2016

nature of work: Construction: study and following up MEP

cost techniques: € 658.954,30 VAT excluded


VZW KOGA Katholiek Onderwijs Gent-Agglomeratie, Zilverenberg 1, 9000 Gent, BE


Snoeck & Partners Architectuur & Engineering nv, Engelse Wandeling 70, 8510 Kortrijk-Marke, BE