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Koninklijk Atheneum (Royal Atheneum) in Oudenaarde Studiebureau Boydens


This new wing with classrooms, a multimedia room and 4 computer classes is the answer to the growing student population and meets current and future facilities regarding computerization. Due to the growing share of the evening classes, the  need for  better energy-saving techniques is greater  than with a standard  day school. With a K-level of 39 and an E value of 89 this  new building is  well within the energy requirements this is also achieved by the use of  blinds, T5 lighting, condensation boilers and D heat recovery ventilation system.

KA Oudenaarde

general data

Study start date : January2005
Construction start date: March 2008
Completion date : November 2009


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DnA architecten ingenieurs BVBA