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Transformation of a part of the school at the VTS site to Urban Music Academy, Drama and Dance, Sint-Niklaas, BE Studiebureau Boydens


2 years ago, VTS (Free Technical School) moved away from where they were located on the Square of Our Lady in Sint-Niklaas, freeing up valuable space in the city center. This 6,500m² site has two access points: one from the Square itself and one from Collegestraat.
One part of the Collegestraat site is situated within the boundaries of the heritage protected scenic view of Sint Antonius Church and its surroundings
Within this zone it is compulsory to work in collaboration with the Building Heritage Governmental Agency.
The first phase of the transformation on Collegestraat, involved renovating part of the school building to accommodate the new City’s Music Academy and Dance school.  For this reason, the building envelope was completely reviewed and upgraded acoustically as well as thermally/energetically optimized to meet the required current installation technical regulations.

A new gas furnace which is equipped with cascade connected condensing boilers connected in cascade, and a weather-dependent control. To further optimize comfort levels, radiators are equipped with thermostatic faucets and allow end users to set the desired temperature per room

The building is equipped with a Type D ventilation system with heat recovery which provides all the user rooms with the fresh air. Particular attention has been paid to integration air vents and providing the necessary intermittent reduction of sound damping for improved acoustics.

The complete electrical installation equipment as well as the connection to the high-voltage cabin has been renewed. In each room, the necessary connection points for electricity are stored and recorded as data. New eco-friendly lighting is installed in all rooms. The building is also equipped with general fire detection, decentralized emergency lighting, first intervention equipment (hand fire extinguishers - reels) in compliance with the latest fire safety regulations.

New sanitary installations for the purpose of the central sanitary cells, are equipped with automatic flush urinals, automatic shut off faucet and a rainwater recovery system to reduce the dependence on costly city water.

Finally, the building is equipped with a new lift so that all floors are accessible to everyone.


general data

total cost price: € 1.869.129,21 hors TVA

total area: 1.100 m²

Study start date:: April 2014

completion date: September 2017

nature of work: Transformation & renovation: study and following up MEP

cost techniques: € 605.876,39 VAT excluded


Intergemeentelijk Samenwerkingsverband van het Land van Waas,
Lamstraat 113, 9100 Sint-Niklaas, BE


BLAF architecten bvba, Poststraat 100, 9160 Lokeren, BE