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Construction of the residential care center facility and service flats Hollebeek, BE Studiebureau Boydens


New care facility for the elderly comprising of the following zones:
- Residential nursing home with 120 beds
- Physiotherapy room
- Lounge area (cafeteria,…)
- Industrial kitchen with cold and warm food preparation areas
- Administration
- The adjacent building, consists of 46 service flats, administrative offices and communal guest lounge

The technical equipment had to be placed in a discreet manner to enhance and support the architectural design concept, such as the choice of the artificial light concept as well as the air vents to name a few.

The main advantages associated with this project are the strong architectural concept and innovative framework to accommodate a nursing home, where architecture and technology go hand in hand to ensure the necessary comfort. The same applies to the service flats whereby the search for a balance between achieving comfort, architecture and economic feasibility has led to an energetic concept that fully meets the needs of the building occupant.

The energy concept is the simple but revolutionary principle in which the renewable heat pump technology is combined with a conventional condensing gas boiler installation, in order to cover the heat demand. This in combination with 8 gas fireplaces, that can be found in the central living room, is a clear illustration of the integration of architecture and engineering. Furthermore, the distribution of heat occurs in the building using a combination of floor heating and concrete core activation with radiators at a low temperature regime.

The trias energetic model was applied within the predetermined economic framework.  The building envelope was optimized and technological renewable sources were applied for the completion of the demand for energy. Specifically, in this case a borehole thermal energy storage (BTES) field is executed, consisting of 68 holes with a depth of each 150 m. During the winter months this heat source is utilized with the aid of a heat pump, and during the summer provide the necessary cooling to achieve the desired comfort. This system is further supported with the use of a high efficiency gas fired condensing boiler installation. The entire ventilation concept, including the service flats, utilize the D-type ventilation system with a maximum efficiency of heat recovery.

Construction of the residential care center facility and  service flats Hollebeek

general data

total cost price: € 20.935.284,33 hors tva

total area: 12.500 m²

Study start date:: December 2011

completion date: April 2017

nature of work: Construction: Study and following up MEP / EPBD reporting / Simulations

cost techniques: € 7.391.780,84 VAT excluded


- Residential care facility: 27
- Service flats: 35
- Office: 35
- Service flats: 62 – 69
- Office: 66
Certifications: -


Woonzorggroep GZA, Oosterveldlaan 22, 2610 Wilrijk, BE


Xaveer De Geyter Architects, Handelskaai 48, 1000 Brussels, BE