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Home for people with disabilities ‘De Branding’ Waak vzw, Kortrijk, BE Studiebureau Boydens


On the existing site of the Branding Waak VZW is an addition built on to the existing building. This new building consisting of 13 rooms, a dining hall, living rooms, kitchens will function completely autonomously and provide facilities for people with disabilities. 
4 condensing boilers are used as the principle heaters of the building. These are arranged in such a way that there is a separate boiler for each orientation of the building. Radiators with thermostatic faucets are installed as end elements.
Ventilation system type D with heat recovery with a cross-flow heat exchanger is utilized. Via air handling units located on the roof, the top cooling in the summer periods can be used to create an acceptable indoor climate for the residents. 

Rainwater is  harvested and reused for the toilets and all light fixtures utilize LED lighting to limit the consumption of energy.
There is a new central elevator that connects the floors, in combination with the wide corridors making the boarding school generally and integrally accessible.
Furthermore, in the rooms all techniques such as electricity, data network and fire detection are integrated to meet the current standards.


general data

total cost price: +/- € 988.000,00

total area: 627 m²

Study start date:: January 2014

completion date: March 2018

nature of work: Construction: study and following up MEP

cost techniques: € 246.569,35 excl. VAT


K Level: 35
E Level: 70
Certification: -


Waak BW vzw, Heirweg 125, 8520 Kuurne, BE


Snoeck & Partners Architectuur & Engineering nv, Engelse Wandeling 70, 8510 Kortrijk, BE