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Residential Care Facility Sint Lucia & Child Day Care Kind Jezus in Turnhout, BE Studiebureau Boydens


The new building has 4 floors containing a residential nursing home with 108 rooms, a day care center and a child care center divided into 6 groups. The basement holds an industrial kitchen that will prepare the hot meals for the nursing home and the child care center. The ground floor accommodates the staff rooms, the day care center and the 6 groups of the child care center. The upper floors are for the residential nursing home, each floor divided into 6 living communities with 9 rooms. Located between the communities are sanitary cells with showers and bathroom with a high/low bath.

Heating and cooling are produced by two heat pumps coupled to a ground source heat exchanger (CHS) and one condensing boiler assuring the sanitary hot water production and supporting the heating system when it’s extremely cold outside. Heat adjustment is subject to the weather conditions based on the outside temperature. The heat is distributed by CCA (concrete core activation) fed by very low water temperatures to obtain the most favorable heat pump COP. The cold water of the sanitary hot water production is preheated by solar collectors before it is heated by the boiler.

The building’s ventilation is realized by a centralized balanced ventilation system (system D) with heat recovery. The heat exchangers are equipped with bypasses to allow free cooling during the summer. In the summer, an extra bypass is created to transfer the heat extracted from the building to the heat source of the CHS in order to achieve optimal regeneration of the CHS sources.

The building is equipped with a KNX system to control lighting and sun protection systems.

WZC Sint Lucia Turnhout

general data

total area: 9.300 m²

Study start date:: June 2010

completion date: March 2015


Sint Lucia vzw / Kind Jezus vzw


M10 Architecten