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Residential Care Facility Ter Vest in Balen, BE Studiebureau Boydens


The new residential care center consists of 101 living units, a cafeteria, a multifunctional space and the necessary administrative and storage spaces. There are six individual buildings, each for sixteen or seventeen occupants. The blocks have two levels and are connected to each other on the first floor. Each housing block has common living spaces on the ground floor and the residents’ rooms with individual bathrooms on the first floor. The rooms consist of an entrance, a living and sleeping area and a sanitary cell. Thanks to the connection between the different blocks, the nursing personnel can easily from one block to another.

In addition to proper insulation of windows, walls and roofs and a balanced ventilation system for a comfortable indoor climate, a ground source heat pump installation is integrated in each of the housing blocks and in the administrative building. An open source system was implemented so that the ground can be used for cold and heat storage. This is considered an advanced site because no fossil fuels are used for the air conditioning of the building and for the production of sanitary hot water. Each roof is equipped with 32 m² of solar collectors for preheating the sanitary system and to support the heating system. During the summer and the transitional seasons, with many hours of sunshine, the solar installation will cover the daily heat demand.

Ter Vest, Balen

general data

study start – completion date: September 2009 – March 2012
completion date: September 2014

surface: 8.342 m²



OCMW Balen


OSAR Architects