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Senior home Zoniën in Tervuren, BE Studiebureau Boydens


I²C 2012 (Public Award) winner of the Care Innovation Competition. 

Residential Care Facility ‘WZC Zoniën’ in Tervuren has an additional 2 storey wing that includes 54 new rooms, underground parking and a daycare center for 42 children

The main features of the project integrate an architectural framework for housing a residential care center, where architecture and technology go hand in hand to ensure the necessary comfort. A balance was sought between comfort, architecture and economic feasibility. This results in an energetic concept that connects with the needs of building users.

energy concept is based on the use of renewable heat pump technology combined with a conventional condensing boiler in order to cover the heat demand. The heat distribution in the building is due to the combination of underfloor heating together with radiators on a low temperature regime. A solar thermal installation of 40 m² vacuum collectors is being used for the support of the sanitary hot water production.  The ’D’ type Ventilation system has a mechanical supply & drain and a heat recovery system with a 75% yield.

In addition to the solar thermal plant, renewable energy is also used by applying a BTES (Borehole Thermal Energy Storage) System consisting of 54 drills with a depth of 87 meters each. This storage system in the soil is used as a heat source for the operation of the heat pump in winter, and during the summer it offers the opportunity to passively cool the building to achieve the desired summer comfort.


general data

total cost price: 6.000.000,00 (estimation)

total area: 4.476 m²

Study start date:: April 2012

completion date: April 2016

nature of work: Extension

cost techniques: € 2.538.905,78 VAT excluded


K Level : K34
E Level: -
Certification: -


OCMW Tervuren


CONIX RDBM Architects bvba