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Etap Hotel Livange, LU Studiebureau Boydens


This Etap hotel with 96 rooms is a 3-star hotel of the Accor Hotel group.
Each room is equipped with shower, sink and toilet. The heating and cooling achieved with a fancoil in the entrance of the room. For the Etap Hotels,  Accor choose  a 2-pipe system with change-over. The system can switch from cooling to heating and vice versa with the push of a button. The fan coil units in the bedrooms have built-in intelligence (sensor) that records whether the system is in cooling or heating mode. The boiler remains in cooling mode and becomes operational only hot water production. Automatic regulating thermostatic valves ensure that the hot water circuit reserves at any point  has a constant  temperature higher than 55 ° C.
The hotel is equipped with a small kitchen for preparing breakfast. Two lifts serve levels -1 to 7. The technical installations (condensing boilers, chiller and drycooler, group air with heat recovery) are located in the technical room on level 8 and on the roof.

Etap Hotel, Livange LUX

general data

total area: 2.250 m²

Study start date:: March 2008

completion date: May 2009

cost techniques: € 1.288.186,00 excl. VAT


Groupe Pasquale CORCELLI


Atelier d’architecture BENG