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Residential Apartment O'Sea Ostend, BE - Executed with BIM Studiebureau Boydens


The project development comprises 88.000m², primarily residential spaces totaling 750 units, including apartments, studios, houses, assisted living facility and commercial units for small businesses and services. 

‘Charme’ is the first phase of in total 4 phases of the project. ‘Charme’ includes an assisted living facility with 51 units, a block of 10 homes, apartment block with 71 units, 18 luxury apartments, 21 studios, 6 commercial units and a day care center. These various configurations are divided into 5 blocks including one tower.

The homes and studios are heated with gas fired condensing boilers, which also produce domestic hot water. The apartments and assisted living facility is centrally heated by condensing boilers connected to a thermal grid, serving the development of future phases. Each unit is connected through a decentralized unit for heating and domestic hot water. The tower is equipped with a low temperature delivery system: floor heating.
Ventilation is provided by natural ventilation combined with a variable controlled extraction, demand based upon air quality. The system also includes a summer function that can activate the ventilation, based on the outside temperature, to prevent overheating. The luxury apartments have the possibility to be equipped with a high temperature cooling system and a decorative gas fireplace.

Located below the entire surface of the site is an underground parking, equipped with a smoke and heat extraction installation and an emergency power supply. There is also the possibility to provide the parking with electrical charging stations.

For the common areas luminaires with a high efficiency are foreseen and for the outside areas LED lighting. This in combination with a building management system ensures a good light management. The luxury apartments are equipped with a home control system.

Rain water is harvested for the use of landscape irrigation.

Residential Apartment O'Sea Ostend - executed with BIM

general data

total cost price: 26.000.000,00

total area: 18.000 m²

nature of work: Construction

cost techniques: 8.000.000,00 € VAT excluded


Allfin nv, Koloniënstraat 56, 1000 Brussels, BE


CONIX RDBM Architects bvba, Londenstraat 60/121, 2000 Antwerp, BE