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Westbay 1, Strassen, LU Studiebureau Boydens


Off the main road between Arlon to Strassen are 4 new 3 story residential apartments blocks, sheltered away from traffic with a beautiful view of the hilly countryside.
This site will provide over 60 luxury residential units comprising of 40 spacious 1 to 3 bedroom apartments, 20 furnished studios and five stunning penthouses. There is two lane parking with approximately 180 accessible private parking spaces, so that each apartment unit has one or more parking spaces.

The buildings are heated by 2 heat pumps that extract energy from the geothermal storage system located under the The heat pumps supply the underfloor heating to the apartments. During the summer months’ solar energy is regenerated via thermal solar collectors located on the roof of the blocks.
The production of hot water is also supplied by the heat pump, which is capable of extracting thermal energy from the gray water recycling system (wastewater from showers, baths, sinks and dishwashers). The hot water produced by the heat pump is returned to the heating system.
Ventilation occurs by means of a flow system with energy recovery by the heat pump on the discharged air.


general data

total area: 13.500 m²

Study start date:: July 2014

completion date: February 2018

nature of work: Construction: study and following up MEP

cost techniques: € 3.000.000,00 VAT excluded


Energy class : AAA
E Level: -
Certification: Passive


Immo 301Promotion SA, 2, rue de l’école, Mamer, LU


Marc Oswald Architecte-Urbaniste, 17, rue du Canach L-5368 Schuttrange