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Goodyear Dunlop, Dudelange, LUX Studiebureau Boydens


The tire manufacturer Goodyear building a new automated plant in Dudelange LUX using innovative production process. The manufacturer is investing $ 77 million in this 11,000 m2 facility, which is expected to produce some 500,000 tires per year. This relocation of its innovation center, the second of the group after that of the United States, will allow it to free space in its premises in Colmar-Berg for its laboratories, but also to anticipate the growth of its activities R & D.

The following Building Services were provided:

• 12.20 MVA Normal 300 kVA + 6x 500 kVA + 4x 2.000 kVA)
   390 kVA Short-break (via diesel generator)
• 45 Ah No-break (UPS)

Heat production:
• 1 MW for heating needs (via gas condensing boiler)
• 4.65 MW for steam process requirements (via high efficiency steam boiler)

Cold production:
• 1.95 MW cooling requirements for a pleasant working climate (via a high-efficiency cooling unit)
• 2.2 MW for cold process requirements (via condenser)
• 40 kW for IT cooling requirements (via a high efficiency cooling unit)

• 360,000 m³/h air treatment (heating / cooling / dehumidifying / humidifying) for the process areas
• 2,000 m³/h air treatment (heating / cooling)

Compressed air:
• 800 kWe air compressor (4x 200 kWe) for process

Reverse osmosis water:
• ± 6.80 m³/ h of production capacity of water for the reverse osmosis process


general data

total cost price: € 80.000.000,00 hors TVA

total area: +- 30.000 m²

Study start date:: July 2017

completion date: December 2019

nature of work: Construction: study and following up MEP

cost techniques: € 15.000.000,00 VAT excluded


Goodyear, 200 Innovation Way, Akron, OH 44316, LUX


Ballini & Pitt, 39 Val Saint André, L-1128 Luxembourg, LUX