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ACV voeding en diensten in Brussel Studiebureau Boydens


This building is 5 storeys high. The ground floor is transformed into an auditorium and reception area. The auditorium  holds 100 people and is equipped with a PA system where each seat is also equipped with microphone and interpellation system. An accoustical study was also required to combat  the noise levels in the auditorium, solution were provided using various interior materials. The existing 3 boiler rooms on various levels were centralized in one location. Cooling is provided via a cool ceiling. The lighting is controlled by motion detection sensors with daylight illumination automatically controlling the required amount of light..
Audiovisual equipment includes interpreter booths, display screens, sound equipment, automatic camera positioning for the  interpellation  of participating guests.

ACV Voeding en Diensten Brussels

general data

Study start date : October 2009
Completion date : June 2011


ACV Voeding en Diensten


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