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Bara De Lijn B2-B3-B3' in Anderlecht Studiebureau Boydens


The project envisages the redevelopment of a former industrial site and a former bus  depot inside the block - into  a residential and small business office  spacse on either side of a longitudinal pedestrian street. This street is public along the side of the housing and private  on the side of the business zone. A central square connects the two parts.

This project is part of small business office site. The existing building are partly extended  with new buildings added.

The basic  techniques have the following features
- C ventilation, using radiators, general  roof  heating systems for building B2, B3 and a separate boiler room for B3 '
- Electrical installation: distribution panel per module with  fire detection
- Sanitary installation  were provided with the necessary equipment,for future  kitchenettes connections in the modules, rainwater utilization for buildings B2 and B3
- Lifts serve different levels

The study has taken into account cooling and ventilation system D, which is required for subsequent purchasers.

BARA DE LIJN Anderlecht –  B2-B3-B3'

general data

study start – completion date: July 2007 – March 2009
execution completion date: November 2013

surface: 7000 m² (aboveground) & 660 m² (underground parking)


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