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Construction of a restaurant for Umicore, Olen, BE Studiebureau Boydens


The Umicore site in Olen engages primarily upon research & development (R & D) of clean technologies and the production of high-tech materials based on cobalt and germanium; which can be found in rechargeable batteries, satellite lenses and solar cells.
Since there were several company restaurants/cafeterias located on the site for each production unit, it was necessary to streamline and reduce operating costs. Umicore opted to build one large restaurant with an open plan and a considerable amount of daylight for employees to enjoy.  Given that individual production units are generally very warm environments to work in, it important to ensure and provide a comfortable temperature in the restaurant.

For the active cooling of the restaurant, a 6-pipe heat pump with 2 thermal storage tanks for heating and cooling was chosen. The groundwater pumped at the site, is also used as a thermal source, whereby the quality is monitored by Pidpa. The restaurant can match simultaneously the need for heating water in the industrial kitchen and provide cooling in the restaurant by tapping into the thermal storage tanks.

The restaurant is equipped with underfloor heating or cooling. The conditioned air is distributed in the restaurant via fabric ducts in order cool the air without creating unfavorable drafts.
Since there are numerous industrial kitchen appliances requiring electricity, a large low voltage panel board was necessary for their operation. Only LED light fixtures were installed and integrated into the butterfly shaped roof.


general data

total cost price: €1.672.254,50

total area: 1.020 m²

Study start date:: February 2014

completion date: January 2018

nature of work: Construction and renovation: study and following up MEP / EPBD reporting

cost techniques: € 779.571,53 excl. VAT


K-level: 31
E-level: -
Certification: -


Umicore nv, Watertorenstraat 33, 2250 Olen, BE


a2o architecten cvba, Vissersstraat 2, 3500 Hasselt, BE