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De Volksbond in Ostend Studiebureau Boydens


Renovation of an existing office building with conference rooms, cafeteria, and a consultation service center.
The building is equipped with load depending ventilator commande with free cooling, a natural night air ventilation system and active climate control for the offices.
The lighting was designed according to function and requirements of all spaces..
Displacement-ventilation is applied to the meeting/conference rooms.
Commencing with a very limited budget per space, the design and execution phases progressed through regular meetings  by the design team ( developer, architect, engineers, general contractor etc),  constantly monitoring and maintaining all the proposed objectives the project.

De Volksbond in Ostend

general data

Commencement of study : December 2002
Tender date : November 2004
Completion date : March 2006


Oostends Volkshuis NV


Trybou Johan Architectenbureau