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Europabank NV – datacenter, Ghent, BE Studiebureau Boydens


Within the headquarters, that had to be renovated, is opted to build a primary data center. Upon examination of the choice of the room, it has been determined that the stability of the computer room and the technical rooms on the roof needed to be reinforced. 
After the evaluation, it has also been recommended to integrate the existing generator in the new concept.

Since the client has a complete standby disaster recovery center available, located a few kilometers from the headquarters, it has been opted to raise the computer room in TIER 2 configuration.
/> The computer room itself has a surface of 120 m².
The entire infrastructure for the computer room has an electrical capacity of 80 kVA.

The basic ups of the computer room has been renewed. The fall back-ups for the computer room also serves as ups of the building. The electrical installation includes full selectivity, with 3 power supplies to each rack.

The servers are installed in a cold isle arrangement.
Patching and switches are located outside the cold isle, but with perforated tiles in front.

With the positioning of the production units, an expansion capacity of 100% within 3 years has been taken into account.

The computer room has the following extras:
- Staging area
- Technical rooms ups with separation between batteries and inverters, in order to reduce cooling.
- Generator room
- Introduction room telecom

Attention is hereby given to the air-tightness of the computer room, this to reduce the efficiency losses due to leakage air to a minimum.

Electrical equipment:
- Full selectivity
- 3 power sources per rack
- 1sts provided for equipment that only needs 1 internal power supply

Cabling types:
- OS1
- OM3
- F/UTP cat 6


general data

total area: 120 m²

Study start date:: September 2009

completion date: June 2010

nature of work: Renovation: study and following-up MEP

cost techniques: € 299.971,66 excl. VAT


Europabank nv, Burgstraat 170 – 176, 9000 Ghent, BE


Haelvoet Walter, architect, Graaf Van Hoornestraat 24,
9850 Nevele, BE