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Fire and Rescue Center, Redange/Attert, LU Studiebureau Boydens


Construction of a new Fire & Rescue Center with its corresponding technical  equipment
maintenance workshop is located along the CR304 linking Redange to Hostert.  The regrouping of these activities and related technical equipment central site will create synergies as well as a reduction of investment and operational costs at the level of public infrastructures. The municipality wanted to bring together the  functions of the communal workshop and intervention center into  a single location, enabling the grouping of common functions such as meeting room, reception, heating and various techniques.

- For each of the two buildings is a separate entrance for vehicles and separate access to the  outdoor courtyard.
- Each function is represented by a separate volume:
Garage for firemen
Garage for ambulances
Administration for the municipal workshop
Administration for firefighters

-  The concrete structures have a metallic cladding and a flat roof.
- Heat production is ensured by a boiler utilizing wood chips. The distribution of heat is divided into several circuits. Domestic hot water production is of the instantaneous type and is carried out by means of plate exchangers. The premises are heated by low-temperature floor heating.
- Ventilation is provided by dual-flow air handling units with energy recovery via high-efficiency exchanger.
- An exhaust system is provided in the garages.
- Compressors guarantee the supply of compressed air for specific equipment and the filling of compressed air cylinders.
- All lighting is made with LED luminaires. Indoor lighting is controlled by an automatic regulation of the   solar shading dependant upon outdoor sunlight levels.

Fire and Rescue Center, Redange/Attert, LU

general data

total cost price: € 8.801.733,63 VAT excl.

total area: 4 845 m²

Study start date:: April 2017

completion date: May 2020

nature of work: Construction / Study MEP

cost techniques: € 1.170.000,00 VAT excl.


Administration communale de Rédange, Grand-Rue, Rédange, LU


AB Plus Sa, 13 rue Laewert, Boulaide, LU