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Ilôt Kanselarij Fortis in Brussels Studiebureau Boydens


Redevelopment with renovation and reconstruction of the ‘Ilôt Chancellery’ in the centre of Brussels with a total floor area of approximately 80,000 sqm. The equipment and distribution systems within the building services infrastructure was designed by the engineering office.

The building located on Rue Royale is fitted with Ground-source Cold & Heat Storage (GSCHS):
The heat is transferred from the building to the soil during cooling season via vertical borehole exchangers (heat storage). The same process in reverse uses the ground-stored heat in the building during heating season (cold storage). For this project 40 exchange were drilled 100 meters deep. A heat pump converts the water at ground temperatures from the borehole exchangers to operating temperatures (depending on the season) for the elements in the building (floor heating, cooling beams).
Other sustainable techniques in this project: Heat recovery with a thermal recovery wheel in the air handling units, daylight based lighting control, a load based control of the ventilation and rainwater recovery.

In Los Angeles the project has been awarded with the Bentley Empowered Award of Excellence for sustainable design. The project has especially been selected for its explicit attention to the environment

Fortis Kanselarij

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Design start date : March 2006
Completion date Phase 1:   May 2012


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Storme - Van Ranst, Architectenburo nv