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Imec Tower in Leuven Studiebureau Boydens


The design proposal is set to achieve  K level 30 and E level 60 
Imec Tower project consists of 3 volume sections
A 16 story  tower section (74meter), a  2 story c-volume section connecting to the tower complete with an auditorium for 200 people and various meeting rooms, and the last 2 story section comprising of laboratories as an extension to the c-volume section.

In order to execute a low energy concept for the entire project, the following technical equipment was utilized:
- Concrete core activation
- Heat pumps
- Artifical with daylight intensity monitoring systems and motion detection sensors
- Floor heating application in high ceiling spaces
- Low-temperature heating and high temperature cooling
- Utilizing RO water for sanitary flushing purposes

The complete technical equipment installation is designed for maximum office layout flexibility due to a 2.5 meter modulation.

Ventilation is provided throughout the building using a central air handeling system. Air is distributed throughout each level of the building using floor convectors. These floor convectors act as regulatory elements in the heating mode. Each floor can be temperature controlled independently and or closed on the basis of air quality or the number of persons present.
The RO water from the clean room process  is also being recouperated for the sanitary flushing rather than draining it away.

Imec Tower in Leuven

general data

study start date: August 2009
execution completion date: January 2014


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