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Municipal office, Torhout, BE Studiebureau Boydens


The city of Torhout has built a highly energy efficient administrative building utilizing primarily geothermal energy.
A ground-connected heat pump (geothermal) is used for  heating.
As a delivery system, concrete core activation is effective in providing a base temperature of the building. The concrete core activation (CCA) is used in the summer to refresh the building through free/passive cooling.  CCA utilizes the stored thermal energy (heat) of the summer months to heat the building during the cooler months.
The water that has been extracted by the subsoil is used to cool the building shell directly via core activation (geo-cooling). Due to the great inertia of the concrete, peaks in the loads are leveled off.

Fresh air is supplied into the building via mechanical ventilation. In order to have as little energy loss as possible, the air groups are fitted with a high efficiency heat recovery system, so that only a minimal amount of additional heating is required.

The building is outfitted with a fire detection system in the car park and offices whereby the sprinkler system ensures control of a possible fire.
In the case of fire, smoke and heat is extracted via fans so that the parking and atrium can be safely evacuated. The most valuable documents are kept in the archive where the air humidity, and temperature are kept at optimum levels for the preservation of these documents.

An emergency power generator is responsible for supplying the critical components in the event of a power failure.
The entire building is equipped with an access control system.
There are considerable electricity savings due to a daylight control system, that switches on not only when the room is occupied, but more so when a greater light intensity is required.


general data

total cost price: € 8.089.630,07

total area: 5.405 m²

Study start date:: July 2010

completion date: May 2014

nature of work: Construction: Study and following up MEP / EPBD reporting

cost techniques: € 2.402.356,72 excl. VAT


K-level: 22
E-level: 53
Certification: -


Stad Torhout, Aartrijksestraat 11B, 8820 Torhout, BE


Debruyne Gino en Architecten, Witte Molenstraat 54a, 8200 Brugge, BE