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Office building Noordkustlaan in Groot-Bijgaarden Studiebureau Boydens


Re-development of the former ‘Siba’ site in Groot-Bijgaarden with the construction of a new business park consisting three offices with a total surface of 10,375 sqm and underground car park of 7,000 sqm.

The multifunctional office complex is comprised of three spacious buildings and the provision of the underground parking space. These office buildings are conveniently located next to one of the main thoroughfares of Brussels, near to the ‘E40’ highway as well as the main ring road around Brussels.
The glazed façade around the building, not only practical, provides for a spectacular panoramic view.

Applied mechanical & electrical installations:
- Automatic climate control with setback during the night,
- Ventilation principle D
- Integration of controlled mechanical ventilation with heat recovery,
- Daylight control, motion detectors in circulation areas,
- Access, fire & intrusion detection,
- Sprinkler installation and heat & smoke evacuation in the underground car park,
- Emergency power generator for the heat & smoke evacuation,
- Rainwater recovery,
- 2 elevators in each building.

Special attention was given to sustainability in the design of the buildings:

- Air handling units with free cooling so the chiller is not operating at full power during mild temperatures,
- Daylight sensors in the offices to control the light output of the luminaires based on the level of daylight penetrating the working areas,
- Extensive wall and roof insulation, resulting in an insulation level K33,
- Frequency control of the fans in the air handling units and the pumps in the central heating circuit,
- An air tightness of under 3m³/m²h was obtained for the building shell

Based on these measures an energy performance rating of E69 was obtained.

Noordkustlaan Office

general data

Design start date : October 2006
Completion date:  June 2009


Immo Noordkustlaan


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