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Oiltanking in Antwerp Studiebureau Boydens


This project was divided into three parts
1.  A new office building consisting of 2 floors, ground floor and first floor, which serves as office space and personel space complete with change rooms, locker rooms and large shower. A portion of the building also serves as a control room for the entire site of Oiltanking Antwerp.   A UPS facility was also integrated.
2.  A hangar complete with a workshop, warehouse and offices facilities  for the technical staff of the entire site.
3.  A parking facility  for 45 fuel transport trucks including weighbridge and visitors.
Several techniques are applied including thermal active concrete slabs directly linked to a heat pump with vertical, closed ground probe to 50m deep.

Oiltanking in Antwerp

general data

Study start date :  June 2004
Completion date : December 2007


Oiltanking Stolthaven Antwerp nv


Palladio Architecten Associatie