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De Mixx (Sport, Cultural and Recreational Complex) in Herselt Studiebureau Boydens


This multipurpose (PPS formula) building  is designed to accommodate the interest of the community such as sporting, social, cultural  and recreational activities in order to support and unify the community.

In addition to a cafeteria and a library , there  rooms  are available for local heritage interest groups, four meeting rooms, exhibition and rehearsal space, a small and a large sports hall, two squash rooms, a climbing wall, a matt hall, a hall of mirrors for dancers,offices for staff and child care services while enjoying your favorite activity.

The building is built according to most sustainable  building management systems and technologies  utilizing heat pumps, heat recovery on the exhaust and solar water heaters
An E-level under E50 is achieved in this project.
De Mixx, Herselt

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Study start date : January 2010


Town of Herselt


Architectengroep A4