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Skidôme (Indoor snow attraction park) in Terneuzen NL Studiebureau Boydens


This indoor snow attraction park consists of a 200 m long, 60m wide ski slope with a height of 40m, commercial retail space below the slope and in the general entrance, a ticket info area, restaurants, lounge bar and hospitality services, fitness area,  guest locker area and a storage facility for skis, boots, and boards.

This indoor ski slope is cooled using a combination of air chillers and floor cooling.  The ventilation of the main ski hall uses an energy friendly air circulation/freshening system, which first utilizes outside air, humidifies it then cools it to a below 0°C for the production of snow. Within this ski hall the  temperatures varies between -5°C at the foot of the slope to -3°C at the top of the slope.  

Skidôme, Terneuzen NL

general data

Study start date : May 2005
Completion Date : October 2008




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