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Sportcomplex Lycée Technique Ettelbruck, LU Studiebureau Boydens


Refurbishment and transformation of Ettelbrüch Technical High School, including the energetic renovation of the complex swimming pool envelope, as well as a reorganization of the sports halls and ancillary premises. In addition, the existing main stairwell was repositioned, an additional stairwell was added to evacuate the public located on the 1st floor in the case of emergency and a lift was installed so that every floor was accessible for those with reduced mobility.
The swimming pool is equipped with a 22,000 m³ / h air handling unit which will ensure the dehumidification and heating of the swimming pool air only. This air handling unit makes it possible to pre-heat city water.

The majority of the building is ventilated by air transport (pulsation in occupancy zones and recovery in zones with humidity).

Connected to the  BAC (Building Automation & Control) net is the management and regulation  of  the swimming pool VAV (Variable Air Volume),  the existing power plant, and the management of fire dampers.

The production of domestic hot water is produced by a heat pump that extracts energy from the heat recovery of gray water of the showers. The system consists mainly of a 32 kW heat exchange tank and a 43.5 kW water / water heat pump. The gray wastewater is collected at an average temperature of approx. 29°C and passes through the tank where the heat exchangers are located.  Gray wastewater is collected at an average temperature of approx. 29°C, and passes through a tank where heat exchangers are immersed. The installation is capable of supplying two 750-liter primary tanks connected to the 3000-liter production system. This production is reinjected into the distribution network.

The entire project is realized with LED luminaires. For the production of electricity, photovoltaic panels with a peak power of + - 170 kW are installed at the level of the roof of the building. This production is reinjected into the distribution grid. The instructions and modifications can be controlled via a touch screen at the front of the switch cabinet and on a secondary screen located in the lifeguard local.


general data

total cost price: € 5.470.000,00 hors TVA

total area: 4.000 m²

Study start date:: December 2015

completion date: June 2018

nature of work: Construction / Renovation: study and following up MEP

cost techniques: € 1.350.000,00 VAT excluded


K Level / Energy class : ABA
E Level: -
Certification: -


Administration des Bâtiments Publics, 10, op der Meierchen, Diekirch, LU


Romain Schmiz Architectes et Urbanistes, 16,  avenue Gaston Diderich, Luxembourg, LU