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City District Tweewaters, Leuven, BE Studiebureau Boydens


Construction for the city district Tweewaters in Leuven:
 Twist: 17 storey residential apartment building with 46 apartments & commercial space
 De Ark: 3 level assisted living facility with 39 residential apartments, community/lounge room, daycare center and underground parking with 95 parking spaces.

The vision of the district Tweewaters is to prove that sustainability and living comfort can go hand in hand, making it possible to achieve a new way of sustainable living.  Since all aspects intrinsic to our society are closely intertwined, the project is approached in a holistic manner.  Issues such use of space, waste, water, energy, construction materials, consumer services and consumption all have an impact on the ecological footprint and the manner in which we inhabit live, work and relax.  These are all important factors which must be observed if we wish to become a more sustainable society. 
Sustainable technologies were implemented to address the need for energy savings and efficient energy monitoring for both the user and administrator.
Tweewaters does not retrieve its heating energy sources from polluting fossil fuels, but rather maximizes renewable energy sources. Utilizing green power and green heating was the target for this district whereby a biomass-installation will supply biogas for the cogeneration / combined heat and power (CHP).  The CHP in turn will provide adequate electricity for Tweewaters and its surrounding area. During the electrical power generation, heat is produced, this heat is also recuperated to warm the homes and domestic hot water supply for the inhabitants.
Sustainability is not solely regarded in terms of energy requirements & efficiency, but also in terms of the sustainability of materials used for construction and for the technical installations (life cycle of materials/installations).

‘De Ark’ is rated BREEAM ‘outstanding’ according to the sustainability pre-assessments.


general data

total cost price: 66.000.000 € hors TVA (estimation Silo’s) 9.946.595 € hors TVA (estimation Twist) 9.647.401 € hors TVA (estimation De Ark)

total area: 40.737 m² (Silo’s) 9.095 m² (Twist) 4.500 m² au dessus du sol + 3.784 m² souterrain (De Ark)

Study start date:: August 2012

completion date: October 2017

nature of work: Construction: Study and following up MEP / EPBD reporting

cost techniques: 2.620.112 € vat excluded (estimation Twist) 2.145.675 € vat excluded (estimation De Ark)


K-level: 28 (Twist) / 28 (De Ark)
E-levell: 59 (Twist) / 60 (De Ark)
Certification: BREEAM ‘outstanding’ (design phase)


Ertzberg, Bondgenotenlaan 138, 3000 Leuven, BE


Twist & De Ark: Beel Stéphane Architecten BVBA, Poel 15, 9000 Ghent, BE
Silo’s: De Geyter Xaveer Architectenbureau bvba, Sainctelettesquare 12, 1000 Brussels, BE