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Turnova in Turnhout Studiebureau Boydens


In the centre of Turnhout, at a stone’s throw from the Market Square, lies the former Brepols site. This is where a thriving new city district by the name of Turnova is taking shape. The old Brepols site has an extent of 3.5 acres at is being transformed into an underground parking, a great new shopping area, apartments, catering industry, offices,… The new city district is being organized around some strong public spaces: a passage from the Market Square to the inner area, a central square, a stunning colonnade that surrounds the shopping area, …

The site is being equipped with a geothermal cold and heat storage. To realize this storage on site, six boreholes (3 source pairs) are being made in the aquifer, with a spacing of at least 70 meters. The depth of the sources is approximately 100-130 meters. The site is being equipped with a loop system that distributes the free cooling (12°C) on the site. The local heat demand is covered by a local water-water heat pump for each entity, which is being mounted on the loop. Besides its energy efficiency, this installation is also space saving thanks to the absence of central heaters and cooling towers. Over 80% of the cooling and heating demand on site is hereby being covered. The more remote apartments on the edge of the site will be equipped with individual condensing heaters.

Turnova 1

general data

study start – completion date: December 2010 – in design phase
execution start – completion date: December 2014 – December 2018

surface: 101.882 m²

k level: 25
e level: 50 - 70




Osar Architects nv