New school building for students of ‘Duinpieper’ in Middelkerke

Boydens engineering is designing the technical installation for the new to build school ‘Duinpieper’ in Westende. We provide a wide array of services that are specific to the education sector. We provide building services and sustainability engineering for preschools, primary schools, secondary schools, trade schools, universities and post graduate schooling facilities with a range of teaching spaces such as laboratories, auditoriums, theatres, gymnasiums, computer rooms, multimedia centers, restaurant kitchens and industrial workshops to name a few. Typically, buildings within this sector need to have a long life cycle with low operating & maintenance costs. Unique to this sector is the significant changes in the buildings occupancy rate dependent upon time of day and year.  A variety of sustainable techniques is utilized to address these special characteristics, such as occupancy controlled ventilation & artificial lighting. For more information on school 'Duinpieper':