NovaCity-Zuid in Anderlecht wins a prize at be.exemplary

For the jury of be.exemplary NovaCity-Zuid is a true social innovation through the symbiosis of the various functions that create a pleasant and innovative micro village:
  • the vertical mix: there are 63 houses on top of SME spaces. The SME park covers around 7.600 m² and includes modular studios on the ground floor with roof gardens for the apartments, offices on mezzanines and showrooms on the planned new road. The offices on the mezzanines will serve as visual and sound insulation for the houses, to promote pleasant living together.
  • sustainability: all homes are passive and at least 30% of them meet the zero energy standard. The CHP covers 100% of the hot water requirement of the houses and the photovoltaic panels provide 50% of the electricity for the entire project.
The be.exemplary prize is a nice recognition for the future neighbourhood in Anderlecht.