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Westland Shopping Center BREEAM renovation and extension

Anderlecht, Belgium, Europe

Sector Commercial & retail
Client Shopimmo S. A. (AG Real Estate), Kunstlaan 58, 1000 Brussel (BE)
Architect DDS+, Louizalaan 251-7, 1050 Brussel (BE)
Intervention Restoration / Extension
Scope BREEAM-assessor
GFA 62,739 m2
Project status under construction
Study January 2018 - December 2019
Execution From January 2019

Sustainable Features

heat recovery
heat recovery
water management
water management
geothermal energy
geothermal energy
reuse rainwater
reuse rainwater
passive cooling
passive cooling
Certification:BREEAM Excellent


Project description:

The Westland Shopping Center in Anderlecht was inaugurated in 1972. After its renovation in 2000, the shopping centre underwent no further major changes.


Today, the client, Shopimmo S.A. (AG Real Estate), has resolutely opted for a renovation and expansion that focuses on sustainability. The project is being assessed using the globally recognised BREEAM sustainability meter with the aim of obtaining an EXCELLENT label.


BREEAM is a measuring instrument for the sustainability assessment of buildings developed in 1991 by the Centre for Sustainable Construction of BRE in the UK. BREEAM does not only aim to reduce energy consumption, it is a tool that measures the full environmental impact of a building’s use.

The sustainability meter comprises nine categories; Management, Health and Wellbeing, Energy, Transport, Water, Materials, Waste, Land Use & Ecology and Pollution. Each category is assigned a certain qualitative value within which numerous credits can be scored.


The assessment for this project is twofold. For the refurbishment of the shopping mall, the BREEAM international Refurbishment manual is used. For the extension (north and south), the BREEAM international New Construction manual is followed.


The design consists of a pleasant shopping environment with respect for light, air and sound and, of course, various sustainability aspects, including:

  • The use of sustainable materials;
  • A geothermal system coupled with ground source water heat pumps for the generation of heat and passive cooling;
  • Photovoltaic panels for renewable electricity generation;
  • Rainwater harvesting for sanitary appliances and watering plants;
  • Sufficiently large storm basins and infiltration facilities to avoid overloading the sewage system in case of excessive rainfall.


The first interim BREEAM certificates were received after intensive collaboration between the design team, the client, the BREEAM assessor and the Accredited Professional.

The Excellent label was achieved for the entire project with a score for the renovation and new build of 74.9% and 81.7% respectively.


During the execution phase, the main focus will be on:

  • Realising an energy- and water-efficient construction site;
  • Creating a safe working environment with consideration for visitors and residents;
  • The correct selection and purchase of sustainable materials;
  • Carrying out an extensive commissioning assignment with regard to special techniques;
  • Educating the future building users.


All this of course requires additional efforts from all contractors and subcontractors present at the site.


Once the work is complete, the project will be submitted a second and final time to BRE in order to obtain two final BREEAM EXCELLENT certificates.