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Primary school ‘Voorzienigheid’ renovation attic and construction kindergarten

Sint-Lambrechts-Woluwe, Belgium, Europe

Sector Education
Client VZW Maria Boodschap Brussel – Annuntiaten, Naamsesteenweg 355, 3001 Heverlee, BE
Architect A2D architecture 2 design cvba, Paardenmarktstraat 11, 3080 Tervuren, BE.
Intervention Construction and Renovation
Scope Study and following up MEP
GFA 600 m2
Project status completed
Study April 2014 - January 2016
Execution March 2019 - August 2020

Sustainable Features

heat recovery
heat recovery
reuse rainwater
reuse rainwater


Total technical installations cost:€ 233.279,70 excl. vat
Total construction cost:€ 1.555.678,45 excl. vat


Project description:

The prefabricated building (block D) with the nursery classes of the primary school ‘Voorzienigheid’ in Sint-Lambrechts-Woluwe was outdated and in urgent need of renovation. The building was already too outdated and too small to renovate purely, so a new building was required. Integration in the urban context was taken into account and the privacy of the surrounding gardens was guaranteed as much as possible. The qualitative integration of the sanitary facilities in the new building was an essential part of the concept. In addition, the attic and the 1st floor of building C were also completely redesigned for 4 classrooms.


From the viewpoint of sustainability, emphasis was placed on compact construction. Heat is produced by a condensing gas boiler, equipped with a modulating control. This gives an energy-saving result due to the automatic adjustment of the capacity to the energy demand. The heating system is equipped with a dynamic temperature control which, depending on the calculated temperature/load, adjusts the supply temperature and switches it on and off. The central automatic control of the HVAC installation is based on DDC (Direct Digital Control) so that energy management and comfort management can be easily achieved. Each circuit is equipped with a weather-dependent control so that the flow temperature to the radiators/floor heating is adapted to the outside temperature. The heat emission per room is obtained by radiators with thermostatic radiator valves.


Ventilation is achieved by means of 2 central balance systems (system D) with heat recovery (thermal wheel) placed in the storage area of the nursery school.


The toilets and service taps are supplied with rainwater through a separate rainwater pipework.


The energy-efficient LED lighting is switched on manually when entering the classroom and switched off automatically by means of absence detection when there are no more occupants.