Renovation works at the Provincial Court in Bruges will start soon

The restoration and renovation works at the Provincial Court in Bruges will start soon. The iconic building on the 'Markt' dates from 1892, but will be future-proof again for at least another 100 years after the works. It will host the new tourist information point and serve as a meeting and conference location. Along with the construction of the new congress building on 'Beursplein' and the expansion of parking 't Zand, Bruges is not only recognized as a hotspot for tourists, but also for business. The roof and the facade of the building will be renovated in a first phase. The techniques will be provided at a later stage and will consist of:
  • the installation and renovation of various lifts
  • renovation of the heating installation with integration of low temperature floor heating
  • relighting historical lusters with LED lighting
  • completely new fire protection system and emergency lighting
  • integration of public toilets into the building
More information and images in below reportage by Focus Wtv (dutch only):