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Headquarters ACV Bouw en Industrie in Brussels Studiebureau Boydens


The building of the Christian trade workers union provides a modern working environment with all modern technical comfort to the administration of the organisation. All offices are provided with individual climate control and adapted ergonomic light controls. The buildings energy consumption is closely monitored by a Building managements system overlooking all technical systems.
The building also houses congress facilities on the ground floor able to host over 300 guests in the main congress room, with a break out area and restaurant situated next to it.  Furthermore the facilities contains an extra 9 large meeting room giving place to 200 participants.
All rooms are equipped with basic multimedia facilities, data networking, high quality data video  projection facilities, ISDN networking, including IP LAN and WAN networking, sound and voice conference systems, multiple translation boxes, etc..
All areas are provided with full Air conditioning adapted technical and architectural lighting, controlled by integrated bussystem controls (EIB)
Finally an underground parking is provided for employees as well as visitors.

ACV Bouw en Industrie

general data

Design start date : September 2000
Completion date : November 2001


ACV Bouw en Industrie