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Xuan Phu Hai Hotel & Resort, Quang Nam Province, VN Studiebureau Boydens


Xuan Phu Hai Hotel & Resort is located in Quang Nam Province, in the South Central Coast region of Vietnam. The project includes a vast waterscape area, a multi storey 4~5 star hotel, 180 rooms with Grand Ball room, infinitive swimming pool, natural swimming pool and beach club. Surrounding the waterscape area are 30 villas with built-in garden, private swimming pool and green roof. 

The design aims to maintain as much as possible green and waterscape areas in order to bring natural comfort but minimize operations costs. The large waterscape area (12.500m2) leads to very huge demand per day due to evaporation and infiltration. Therefore, the challenge for the design team is to recycle treated grey water from domestic discharge line for irrigation and improve self-cleaning capabilities of waterscape by maintaining adequate depth and surrounding the waterscape with such trees as water lily, umbrella papyrus or water iris.

Since the project is situated in a tropical environment, the selection of irrigation system and types of trees that can adapt to the long extreme dry and hot weather is also a big challenge for both landscape and M&E desginers.
The project is developed based on effective combination of architectural language and MEPF supporting services to bring fresh and natural comfort but still maintain fundamental functions of beach side resort where guests can relax with luxury services from Alila Operator.

The project uses AAC brick thanks to its various advantages: eco-friendly and sustainable, fire resistant, sound proof, thermally insulated, moisture resistant and long lasting. Besides, the design utilises trees and green zones to support swimming pool filtration and provides natural swimming pool services - first time available in Vietnam.


general data

total area: 21.047 m²

Study start date:: September 2017

completion date: December 2018

nature of work: Construction: study MEPF and C&S design services / sustainable consultancy


Xuan Phu Hai JSC., Dien Ban District, Quang Nam Province


MIA Design Studio, 311 Binh Quoi, Ward 28, Binh Thanh Dist., HCMC