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Thu Thiem in Ho Chi Minh, VN Studiebureau Boydens


The project consists in building the central plaza of the new urban center of Ho Chi Minh City, Thu Thiem. The 800m long plaza spreads on the axis East-West and links the Saigon River side to the opposite side of Thu Thiem area deeper in land. The pedestrian plaza is made of vegetation and water features, presenting walkways and shaded resting areas. The 1500m of riverside are converted into public interactive gardens and walkways.
As a public outdoor area, the outdoor comfort is the main concern that is needed to ensure. The overheating risk is brought sun exposure, lack of ventilation, and heat accumulation in construction materials.
The environmental study consists in running simulations on solar radiation that reach the plaza and propose a site shading strategy enhanced with natural and artificial features. The CFD simulations allow to understand the wind movements and speed, and notice possible uncomfortable areas due to lack or excess of ventilation. Finally, thermal simulations on construction materials enable to expect the temperature reached by the ground along the plaza and leads to a smart selection of materials for different usages, with the end objectif to reduce the heat island effect that could occur.
The association of these simulations guarantees an upgraded level of comfort on an exposed – thus sensitive outdoor area.

Thu Thiem in Ho Chi Minh

general data

total area: 29 ha

Study start date:: October 2015

completion date: October 2017

nature of work: Construction: sustainable advice


Dai Quang Minh JSC, District 2, HCMC, VN


De-so Architect, Thao Dien Ward, District 2, HCMC, VN