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Residential Care Facility Sint-Paulus in Langemark-Poelkapelle, BE Studiebureau Boydens


The residential care center St. Paulus in Langemark-Poelkapelle is a newly constructed nursing home with 61 residence rooms and 9 care rooms spread over 2 floors. The central heating, based on 2 condensing gas boilers, distributes the heat through radiators in the rooms and under-floor heating in the living areas and the cafeteria. The sanitary hot water is produced using solar energy supported by the central heating system. Each wing/function is equipped with a heat recovery ventilation unit (dual flow). The residential care center is equipped with economical security lighting based on fluorescent or led technology. The also has an industrial kitchen with refrigerator and freezer rooms, a cooking island and a dishwasher. Furthermore, there are techniques specific to the care sector, like a nurse call system and high/low baths.

St Paulus, Langemark-Poelkapelle

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Study start date : May 2008
Completion date : in execution


Dexia Bank nv / OCMW Langemark-Poelkapelle


Debruyne Gino en Architecten